Studio album by Seka Aleksic
Released November 23, 2007
Recorded 2006-2007
Genre Dance, Electropop
Length 00:48:26
Label Grand Production
Producer Dejan Abadić, Dino Merlin
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Singles from Kraljica
  1. "Aspirin"
    Released: 5 September 2007
  2. "Kraljica"
    Released: 21 November 2007
  3. "Boli stara ljubav"
    Released: 30 December 2007
  4. "Poslednji let"
    Released: 12 February 2008
  5. "Tesna koza"
    Released: 8 May 2008

Kraljica (English: Queen) is a second studio album by Serbian dancepop singer Seka Aleksic. After several delays, the album was released on November 23, 2007. The album sold more than 5 million copies worldwide, that's biggest record in Serbian ever. On this album she released 5 singles. All singles has more than 5 milion views on youtube, that's another biggest record in Serbian music. The songs are excellent and great sound this album is the best paid in the Serbia decades.

Seka: This album sounds so f*cking amazing, i just too excited and i can't wait to be realsed, this album is so much fun and so much serious then my debut album. My favorite song i definitve Poslednji let and Kraljica, because that's two song is so f*cking perfect, and this song is so serious. When i writte this album i thing about that like it's my inspiration and it is album is soo much fun, and so much perfect. This album talk about desire and pasion for man, and stile por fashion. It's amazing realy.

Track listingEdit

  1. Kraljica (Queen) (04:50)
    (Seka Aleksic "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dejan Abadić)
  2. Aspirin (Aspirine) (03:52)
    (Seka Aleksic, Miloš Roganović-Filip Miletić, Dejan Abadić)
  3. Boli stara ljubav (Past love hurts) (03:55)
    (Seka Aleksic, Aleksandar Perisić-Romario, Marina Tucaković, Dejan Abadić)
  4. Poslednji let (The last flight) (05:00)
    (Seka Aleksic)
  5. Nije ona ta (She is not the one) (03:13)
    (Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dejan Abadić)
  6. Milostinja (Charity) (04:00)
    (Seka Aleksic, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, D.Abadić)
  7. Hirosima (Hiroshima) (03:35)
    (Seka Aleksic, A.Perisić-Romario, M.Tucaković, D.abadić)
  8. Tesna koža (The tight skin) (04:18)
    (Seka Aleksic, Ceca)
  9. Impulsi (Impulses) (03:09)
    (Seka Aleksic)
  10. Sokole moj (My falcon) (04:00)
    (Seka Aleksic, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, D.Abadić)
  11. Reci gde smo mi (Say, where are we) (03:38)
    (Seka Aleksic, Sergej Ćetković, Sergej Ćetković, D.Abadić)
  12. Jabuke i vino (Apples And Wine) (4:30)
    (Seka Aleksic, Marina Tucakovic)