Studio album by Seka Aleksic
Released March 5, 2005
Recorded 2002-2004
Genre Dance, pop-music
Length 00:50:19
Label Grand Production
Producer Dejan Abadić
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Singles from Kraljica
  1. "Crno i zlatno"
    Released: 8 December, 2004
  2. "Iskorsti moje mane"
    Released: 10 February, 2005
  3. "Bas mi se svidja tvoja devojka"
    Released: 30 July, 2005
  4. "Dodji i uzmi me"
    Released: 15 October, 2005
  5. "Kap parfema"
    Released: 21 December, 2005

Seka (English: Seka/Sister) is the debut studio album by Serbian dance-pop singer/artistic Seka Aleksic. After several delays, the album was released in March 2005. The album sold more than 3 million copies worldwide, witch is biggest record in Serbia after Ceca. In this album Seka realsed 5 singles, all song has more than 2.5 milion views on youtube.

Seka: This is my debut album.I am totally excited, and my adrenaline rising, I've become very large, and I guarantee I did not expect their fans, that my every album and every step I take to get better and better. On this album, I brought emotions and made all that this album is not oblivious and I hope that my songs have a long listen. I never expected such success, and yet I sold this album in more than 3 million copies, it's my karma, and very proud of him, and I do not know what more I could say. Hay this is Seka you watching Pink.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Crno i zlatno" (Black and gold) (03:45)
    (Seka "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dejan Abadić)
  2. "Dim srce mog" (Smoke of my heart) (04:50)
    (Seka, Miloš Roganović-Filip Miletić, Dejan Abadić)
  3. "Dodji i uzmi me" (Come and get me) (03:52)
    (Seka, Aleksandar Perisić-Romario, Marina Tucaković, Dejan Abadić)
  4. "Iskoristi moje mane" (Use my flaws) (04:05)
  5. "Sviđa mi se tvoja devojka" (I like your girlfriend) (04:30)
    (Seka,Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dejan Abadić)
  6. "Moje prvo neverstvo" (04:10)
    (Seka, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, D.Abadić)
  7. "Kap parfema" (A drop of perfume) (03:42)
    (Seka, A.Perisić-Romario, M.Tucaković, D.abadić)
  8. "Svi tvoji milioni" (All your millions) (04:18)
    (Seka, Ceca)
  9. "Za ljubav mobilna" (Ready for love) (03:20)
  10. "Početak kraja" (The beginning of the end) (04:40)
    (Seka, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, D.Abadić)
  11. "Otrovnica" (Poisonous) (03:58)
    (Seka, Sergej Ćetković, Sergej Ćetković, D.Abadić)
  12. "Drugarice" (ft. Ceca and Luna) (04:58)
    (Seka, Ceca, Luna)